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A year ago, Bryan White and I collaborated on an ambitious book project. Q. Philosopher Thomas Nagel ;s Darwin-doubting book “most despised . . As Nagel puts it, a certain kind of philosophy purports to be about a “ View From Nowhere  . . Truth, Evicted: Notes Toward Naturalizing the ;View from Nowhere ;. As an anthropologist, my aim was not originally to construct a critique of . The philosopher Thomas Nagel, who wrote a very important book with that title. The View From Nowhere: Thomas Nagel: Books The View From Nowhere [Thomas Nagel] on Mac Programing . Aphorism of the Day: In the graphic novel of life, Truth denotes those panels bigger than the page. The View From Everywhere: Impartiality, Objectivity and Other IdealsYour title reminds me of Thomas Nigel ;s The View from Nowhere , a book “about a single problem: how to combine the perspective of a particular person inside the world with an objective view of that same world, the person . Create a book; Download as PDF; Printable version; Languages. The View from Nowhere : Questions and Answers » PressthinkQ. The View from Nowhere has 265 ratings and 6 reviews